Living In The Head and the Heart

Our Founder, Mariah, has over 25 years experience in business and helping professions. With a BS in Psychology, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, she has studied extensively in both domains.

Mariah built and sold a multi-million dollar online business working with couples (The Fantasy Box), worked for the #1 Management and Strategy consultancy in the world (McKinsey & Company), and is currently a therapist, coach,  500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, wife and mom. 

Mariah enjoys bringing her knowledge of business into the helping realm so that you don’t have to.


Our Motivation

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we make you more available to do good work. Because of this goal, and our experience in starting, growing and operating businesses, we really, really love it when people ask for help in reaching their dreams. That’s the good stuff, and we’re here for all of it.

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The fantasy Box

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A Unique Combination

We created Hearts in Practice because we heard, over and over, that there wasn’t a company who understood the experience of a helping professional and made it easy for them to step confidently into the world of business and online presence without asking them to do a lot of the work.

By this, we mean that because we are also helping professionals, we understand the feeling you are trying to convey, the words you want to use, the ways you want to describe yourself. While there are always individual variations, we believe helpers are more alike than different.

As helping people who also know business, we’re uniquely positioned to help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

"Mariah helped me get clear on who I was, what I offered, and how I wanted to be "felt" online. She also helped me gain confidence as a business owner and practitioner. Talking with her was like therapy and business training at the same time...which is great for people who never have enough time!"

Dan Smith

" I felt super overwhelmed by the idea of starting a private practice. I knew I wanted more agency over my time, space and finances, but all the steps just felt like too much. Mariah broke it down into steps and walked me through them; her calm confidence that we could do this made me believe it was possible and I didn't have to do it alone."

Mary D. Hall

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